How to trade

Instructions for each party involved in a deal

Create Trade

Are you creating or closing a deal? Select an option.
Create TradeClose Trade
Connect Your Wallet & Verify Address
Connect your Wallet (Top Right) then must also Sign wallet/Signature request.
Create Trade Button
Find and select the “Create Trade” button.
Find Your Counterparty Trader
Search and select the counterparty Trader you would like to make a trade with.
Select counterparty Traders' digital assets
Search and select the NFT collections and the specific NFTs which the counterparty “Trader” owns that you would like to trade for. In this step you can include other crypto tokens (ex.ETH, WETH, etc.) that you would like from counterparty Trader. Plus if you cannot find a specific collection of NFTs in the available list, you can add the custom NFT Collection by inputting the Collection Address.
Review and verify the trade
In this step you can change the expiry date for the deal.
Confirm to create the trade deal
First, approve all the assets involved in the deal to be onchain (ETH gas payment required). Next, proceed with fee payment in order create the deal. Once these steps are completed the counterparty “Trader” will be able to see your trade pending in their own Profile Page.
Congrats On Your Part Of The Deal
Connect with other NFT Traders in our discord channel
Important things to know before using NFT Trader
Only ONE Trader/Initiator, creates the trade for both parties' involved in the deal.
The other Trader/Counterparty is the ONE who closes the deal.
This particular flow of trading provides security layers in order to help prevent the act of fraudulent activities.