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NFT Trader was founded with a simple mission: provide a safe platform and community for the trading of digital assets in the Web3 space.

It has not been an easy journey since launch by no means but we have been fortunate with the opportunity to learn something new each day. Because of how fast this space is moving we have continued to build a more robust protocol by adjusting to the waves of the crypto industry and more importantly listening to our users.

With the great support we have been given we are impelled now more than ever to support the Web3 space in what way we can and build something that will offer a safe haven and community driven platform for owners of all forms of digital assets!

Created with passion by
John PakCo-founder Business & Operations
An entrepreneur and founder one of the top blockchain gaming media sites, Blockchaingamer.net launched late in 2017 when the industry was just sprouting. This was also the stepping stone for his venture deeper into non-fungible tokens, adeptly establishing many key networks and partnerships throughout this nascent space.
Mattia MiglioreCo-founder Full Stack Dev & UX/UI
He’s a technology entusiast and a full stack developer from 2012. He worked in a timekeeper company around the world partecipating as TOC member during many sport events. He loves graphics and UX design and believes in the power of Blockchain and all advantages that this technology could brings in our society.
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We're looking for involving in the team a NFT artist expert. If you're interested to join the team we'll happy to talk with you.

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