Jack Butcher, the visionary behind Opepen, has made a notable return to the scene.

Together with his collaborator, Jalil, he has crafted a captivating open edition titled “Infinity Checks” This release follows in the footsteps of his past successes, prompting the question: will lightning strike twice for this talented creator?

What are Infinity Checks NFT ?

Infinity Checks collection, as mentioned by Jalil on Twitter, have some specific characteristics:

  • Marked as an Open Edition NFT Collection, it boasts an infinite token supply;
  • Its immutable nature guarantees full on-chain generation;
  • A fixed price point of 0.008 ETH has been established;

The innovation embedded within their system extends further. An intriguing feature enables individuals to redeem the ETH initially utilized for minting “Infinity Checks.” This mechanism operates through escrowing the acquired ETH within the collection’s smart contract, thereby facilitating the acquisition of the NFT.

Against the backdrop of a bear market, a new wave of NFT minting strategies is poised to emerge. “Infinity Checks” stands out as a particularly promising contender, effectively circumventing FOMO minting by virtue of its unrestricted supply. The convergence of innovation and strategic design underscores the resilience of the NFT space amid evolving market conditions.